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Frequently Asked Questions. What information is available on the mycase. The goal of this website is provide access to these public records in an expedient and concise manner, and without requiring personal information unless the requested record is ruled confidential by law or court decision. The records presented on this site contain information on criminal records, court records, vital records and state background checks; including over 65 million transparent public records.

Washington began collecting and creating public records in the year , and from all 39 counties in the state of Washington. Digitization of public records has become the standard over the last 30 years.

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This allows websites both governmental and third party to offer these records online with increased reliability, thus ensuring Washington abides by the commitment of the United States of America to remain a fair and just society for all. In the state of Washington, government-generated records are all available to the public, but finding these records can prove difficult. Learn how to locate the record you want, and how much it may cost.

The state of Washington considers driving and drinking to be a serious offense, and punishes offenders with fines, restrictions, mandatory classes, and potential jail time.

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Learn what you need to know here. An arrest record serves as the first piece of evidence presented when a person is arrested by a police agency.

Learn How to Perform a Totally free Washington Background Check and Public Arrest Records Search.

They cannot be changed or altered after creation. Washington supports the national Freedom of Information Act with its own stateside law. In addition, the committee will ensure analyses accurately reflect the status of the criminal history databases and records.

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AFIS houses about 1. Local criminal justice agencies are required by law to fingerprint persons arrested for felonies and gross misdemeanors. Live-scan devices electronically capture fingerprint images. Ink and paper fingerprints are mailed to the WSP and converted to an electronic image. After the WSP receives the electronic fingerprint, via the live- scan device or a converted image, AFIS is searched for fingerprint matches. Searching for a fingerprint in AFIS can take minutes or hours. Then, WSP searches to determine if any of the potential matches are a positive identification.

If a positive identification is made, then the existing SID is used for the arrestee. If not, then all the records in AFIS are searched.

A new SID is assigned if a positive identification is still not made. Among other types of cases, superior courts oversee felony criminal cases. The county prosecutor investigates the evidence about the arrest. Misdemeanor cases are filed in district court. SCOMIS is used by county clerks and includes all superior court criminal and juvenile offender case filings.

The database was implemented in phases starting in the s.

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Nearly all counties were entering data by Prior to , all offenders were assigned a different AOC Person Number for each case that came to the superior court. A felony judgment and sentence FJS is recorded for every sentence. Department of CorrectionsDOC has authority to confine and supervise offenders with a superior court conviction. This database stores offense information, among other data, for offenders under the jurisdiction of the DOC.