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Even on our honeymoon, I spent one night in the bathroom floor sick as a dog — quite romantic, huh? But I had spent weeks rationing my food and working out so I looked good in the dress on the big day.

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My body was just tired and nutritionally depleted. I continued this pattern after I got married not really understanding what I was doing but thinking I was normal.

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And then the thing that women do that wreaks havoc on our bodies, I started having babies! In my brain I could finally relax all the strict rules and just eat!!! And I did!! I was deathly ill from morning sickness all day with both my children and still gained a lot of weight. If anything, I seemed to gain more weight. Years went by and nothing happened and the frustration was just horrible.

I tried to convince myself it was OK. What happened? Well, I was in Hawaii on a lovely vacay and I went to a clinic for a sun burn.

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The doctor was shocked at how high my blood pressure was. I got back home and was immediately put on meds. I was on meds for a few years and continued to feel bad and be sedentary. But after a while I realized that I could take control of my health. It took some time but I began to rewire my thinking.

Not what the world wants of me but what I want for me. I wanted to be healthy and feel good! The level of accountability for that mindset takes the pressure off me because the result is feeling good not punishment for not performing or looking a certain way. But that is fine with me. Once again, my goal is to be healthy!! Yes, I do use beauty products and supplements and wraps because I love taking care of my body.

But that is what I am doing now.

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I am taking care of my body. When I joined It Works 8 years ago this journey for me was just beginning and I feel God puts you in places at the right time to reinforce where you are. Folks are amazed at how long my wrap results last at my age.

Recognizing yourself is more complicated than you’d think.

If you are struggling, I would love to hear from you. We all have different paths and journeys. I think we can all succeed if we just focus on what we want and what the goal is.

It is never too late to begin. The first step is many times the hardest but knowing that without the first step you can never begin the momentum of change. A different path is never easy but almost always rewarding. Syd back to college reminds me of all those years my two kids were getting ready for the first day of school that signals the coming of Fall, buying school clothes, getting school supplies, and new structured routines, aka the end of the lazy days.

I always hate putting summer to rest.

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I love summer so! Shopping however, this chick gets!! But as the season changes there is always the chance to make a fresh start. That is an enticing thought too, right? Just like a new year after Christmas, fall seems to bring the crispness in the air and possibilities of things to come.

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Plus those pumpkin spice lattes come out too. Always a plus! Maybe the fall is a time to take stock and review the year before the year ends and see where we have been and see if we are going in the right direction. If not, we have time to make adjustments or change direction all together. Life is about changes and the older I get I seem to embrace change more. Is everything going the way you want it to go this year? If not, I urge you to take the wheel and chart your course in another direction. Dream a new dream as the leaves start to change and let this be a sign that you are about to start a new endeavor!

Make your dreams a reality and make your dreams big! You have one life. Love big, Dream big, and do it NOW!!! But not just dreaming. I plan on achieving those dreams. I think if you put the dreams in front of you every day you see the dreams literally and they become more real, more attainable and then less negative fills your life.

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Why do I look completely different in mirrors then in photos?! Even a man who does protraits drew me different from what I look like in photos, but everyone says it looked exactly like me. Yeah people find little differences in photos that's look different from mirrors But I look completely different it's sooooooooooooooo creepy!!!!