Microsoft search indexer and the gatherer property mapping file

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Windows 7 Search Index - Increase Windows Speed [Tutorial]

Please wait. Copy to clipboard. Product Managers. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. This post can help you understand where the Crawl Components write temporary files, which can help in planning and performance troubleshooting e. By default, all Search data files will be written within the Installation Path.

As a side note: the graphic is only intended to display the default locations specified at install time.

Indexing Process in Windows Search

Usage by the Content Processing Components:. An example path to an item with DocID would look like the following:. This is a great resource.. I was confused how the index file is stored and how it is retrieved by the Content Processing Component. This post clearly describes everything in detail. DocProcessTime 01 Loading. DocProcessTime 02 Delayed. DocProcessTime 03 Connect. DocProcessTime 04 StandardProperties. DocProcessTime 05 Filtering. DocProcessTime 06 SyncCompletion.

DocProcessTime 07 PropertyStore. DocProcessTime 08 Merge. DocProcessTime 09 Propagation. DocProcessTime 10 FinalCommit. Filter Processes Active. Filter Processes Active Dedicated. Filter Processes Active Dedicated Secondary. Filter Processes Active Primary. Filter Processes Active Secondary. Filter Processes Created Dedicated. Filter Processes Created Dedicated Secondary. Filter Processes Created Primary.

Filter Processes Created Secondary. Filter Processes Terminated Filter Processes Terminated Dedicated Filter Processes Terminated Dedicated Secondary Filter Processes Terminated Primary Filter Processes Terminated Secondary Threads Committing Transactions.

Threads Loading Transactions. Threads Processing Links. ThreadTime 01 NotActive. ThreadTime 02 FilterDriverInit.

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ThreadTime 03 Connect. ThreadTime 04 GetStandardProperties. ThreadTime 05 PHData. ThreadTime 06 IFilterData.


Hands on Full-Text Search in SQL Server

ThreadTime 07 WordBreaking. ThreadTime 08 IndexerPlugin. ThreadTime 09 ArchivalPlugin. ThreadTime 10 FeatureExtractionPlugin. ThreadTime 11 MatrixPlugin. ThreadTime 12 ScopesPlugin. ThreadTime 13 RankingPlugin. ThreadTime 14 GathererPlugin. ThreadTime 15 OtherPlugins.

ThreadTime 16 CatchAllProcessing. Sharepoint Metrics. Monitoring level. The total count of documents filtered per second.