7mm mauser identification by serial number

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Thread: 7MM Venezuelan Mauser. Looking for info on a 7MM Mauser. I wonder if anyone can tell more about this gun.

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Barrel is clean. Any idea of value? No other marks other than shown in the pictures that I can find -- no marks on ths bottom of the receiver, no 2 digit mark where the BBL meets the receiver. Is any particular ammo recommended for this gun? Any ammo to avoid? Attached Thumbnails. Highly Recommended. From what I can see in the pics your rifle was made in Herstal Belgium by F. Don't have a clue as to what year. If it was restored with the correct parts it may be worth times it's current value.

It's built on the mod. Military ammo is corrosive so clean it immediatly after shooting it or avoid it altogether. I think it may be a era Mauser. Cut down really hurts value. You will not be able to restore it easily. Nice hunting rifle. Privi 7mm is hot ammo and good quality.

So statistically most likely date is Barrel length seems correct for a short rifle - it is NOT a cut-down. It also looks as if the foresight and backsight may be original. Thiis is all good news, as you would only!!! Try "the usual suspects" for spares, or look for a wallhanger as a parts donor.

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Ammo is no problem. If it cocks on opening its a 98 pattern if it cocks on closing its a 93 pattern as most were, look at the left reciever rail right at wood line for original manufacturer, the Chilian contract rifles were some of the best made The recievers are forged, the crest is added at the request of the country purchasing the rifles, the most common being South American countries, The vast majority of which were all made in Germany or Belgium and a few Spanish the spanish ones are easy enough to rule out as their proof marks are easy to spot.

To accurately Identify it will require pictures as it can be identified by the proof marks on the components as well as by the stock the rear sight etc Well i decided to go ahead and take the chance with this rifle, after all it is in good condition, and had a very nice bore. Here are pictures of all the markings, or lack there of. It is the older M93 action, and does have an inport mark. The finish is a bit worn, but is to be expected for a rifle that is god only know how old.

The sales guy in cabellas seemed to think it was Persian. It was labeled as a m95 on the sales ticket, but i suspect this was a mistake and should have been m I may never know the origin of the rifle, but if nothing else i suspect it will be a good shooter.

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JPG File size: MachIVshooter , Sep 22, Joined: Sep 2, Messages: Spanish short rifle from what I see. Buttplate may be slightly different. Not sure. Looks like a Spaniard, seems to have a Spanish cross on the frame rail. Also has a strange serial number. Wonder if it's got a Republican receiver, or a Republican rifle?

Z71 , Sep 22, Joined: Jun 26, Messages: Mauser Looks like a Spanish Civil Guard. Lots of them were unmarked.

Never seen a peppermint colored bolt before. Dave B , Sep 22, I will take some more pictures once i get a chance to get batteries for my camera. I am planning on leaving it as it is now, haven't gotten a chance to have the headspace checked yet. I am planning on doing that next week and taking it to the range next weekend. Also the barrel is about 20 inches i length not 25 like i thought earlier. The pictures you took are pretty good and the rifle is a stumper. It has all the characteristics of a Chilean short rifle except for that full size rear sight.

Chilean short rifles have a rear sight calibrated to meters. Somebody at some time attempted to reblue the bolt using contaminated blueing solution at too high a temperature. Not a big deal Mauser bolts can be a pain to reblue even today.

The Crest was almost certainly ground off using a surface grinder wihich removes enough material to make the crest disappear without going so deep it breaks the surface hardening and it leaves a very smooth uniform finished surface. Based on the nose cap with a bottom slung bayonet mount and that meter rear sight, the other option could be a Costa Rican Modelo These rifles have a bolt head that completely encloses the cartridge head and you may look at that. I would certainly check the headspace before firing the weapon, the bolt may be a drop in replacement.

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how to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle

Third option is somebody assembled this rifle using surplus parts and went to pretty great lengths to keep it as military as possible. If this is the case and it was made up by somebody who knew what they were doing, you may have a very good shooter rifle in your possession. How is that barrel bore????? Onmilo , Sep 23, The bore is very good, no pitting, strong lands and grooves. I totally intend to have a gun smith look at it before it shoot it. It is numbers matching, including magazine plate, and has a import mark hiden like some of my other rifles under the cleaning rod.

I am going to post some more pics tomorrow, and will try and get the bore, but with my old camera is a crap shoot.

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I am planning on cleaning it up some tomorrow. I have never taken a rifle off the stock, but if it might help the ID of this one i would be willing to, assuming someone could tell me how to. Spanish Mausers often have poor or non existant receiver stamping, and i had to identify mine with partial letters and numbers. I still don't know for sure whether it was made in , , or