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We will also negotiate any settlements of marital property, including division of property, assets, and retirement accounts. We will also provide you with Child Support Guidelines to assist you in determining how much you will receive or pay in child support.

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Our legal team can help analyze your financial status to determine whether or not you can receive an alimony award when going through a divorce. We will look at all financial records of you and your spouse to give you the legal insight you need. This will help you determine the likelihood that you will receive or have to pay alimony after your divorce. During a divorce, couples can end up arguing over many things. The divorce attorneys at Andalman and Flynn will negotiate and advocate for the proper division of marital assets based on your situation.

We will be by your side to advocate for your share of marital property, including houses, cars, bank accounts, and retirement accounts. Our team concentrates on ensuring that your divorce settlement will divide all marital and non-marital assets properly. Hiring the right divorce lawyers in Maryland is crucial to ensuring you have the freedom and financial independence you deserve as you start this new chapter in your life.

Divorce Lawyers in Maryland

For this reason, our Montgomery County divorce attorneys pursue your claims quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on your plans for the future. Contact our Maryland divorce lawyers today and get the compassionate service you deserve during a critical time in your life. Divorce Lawyers in Maryland Are you thinking about getting separated or divorced? We have an experienced team of paralegals and attorneys that can guide you through all aspects of your divorce and related matters including: Child Custody Child Support Alimony Division of Marital Property And more Looking for compassionate divorce attorneys in Maryland?

Separation Law If you and your partner are experiencing difficulties in your marriage, but not yet ready for a divorce, then let our Maryland divorce lawyers provide you with the legal knowledge you need to ensure your interests are protected. We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting separation agreements which address and settle issues over how to divide marital property such as: Vehicles Homes Retirement accounts And bank accounts Our separation agreements will also establish child custody and child support payments so that the separation process is as easy as possible on your children.

Maryland Divorce Questions & Answers :: Justia Ask a Lawyer

Divorce Law Whether you are ready to file for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, our divorce attorneys are here to provide you with the legal advice you need during this difficult and stressful time. Our team of Maryland divorce attorneys will assist you in: Establishing child custody and child support Ensuring a proper visitation schedule is established Getting your children any help they may need to get them through this process and adjust to a new schedule and two households Ensuring that all financial documents are exchanged We will also provide you with Child Support Guidelines to assist you in determining how much you will receive or pay in child support.

Alimony Law Our legal team can help analyze your financial status to determine whether or not you can receive an alimony award when going through a divorce. Anyone can perform a quick google search and discover a plethora of websites full of information on how to file for divorce without an attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions about Property Division in Maryland Divorce Proceedings

In fact, you can find legal forms on state court sites as well. But, websites are no substitute for sound legal advice from a trained expert. If you have a straightforward case, with no children or property to divide, you may be able to file for divorce on your own.

Guzman Salvado Law - Limited & Absolute Divorces in Maryland

In order to get divorced here, you'll have demonstrate that at least one spouse has lived in Maryland for a minimum of six months before filing. The first step in filing for divorce is to submit a complaint for absolute divorce to the court in your county. A complaint is a legal document that contains essential information, like your name, address, wedding date, and separation date. You must also explain what issues you want the court to decide. Common divorce issues include property division, custody, child support, and alimony.

Once you file your complaint and pay the filing fee, you will need to serve a copy to your spouse, which typically requires personal delivery.

Uncontested Divorce

You can ask a friend or family member to hand deliver the paperwork to your ex, or you can hire a professional process server to avoid conflict. Once the paperwork has been served, your spouse has 30 days to respond to the complaint by filing an answer with the court.

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  • You can make this request by filing a request for order of default. Although divorce can be one of the most contentious legal procedures, few cases end up in trial. In fact, most cases settle outside of court. It can take many months of discovery, depositions, hearings, preparation and thousands of dollars in attorney's fees to get a case ready for trial. Many couples find it beneficial to try and negotiate a separation agreement and resolve all their issues to help shorten the process and reduce expenses.


    Family Law

    If either spouse disagrees with any term of the proposed agreement, the court can proceed with a contested divorce trial, meaning the judge will decide the legal issues for the couple. Filing spouses must give the court a specific reason for the divorce—these reasons are referred to as legal grounds. In Maryland, divorcing spouses have the option of filing for a no-fault divorce or a fault divorce , which is based on the other spouse's wrongdoing.

    One no-fault option is to file for divorce based on living separate and apart for a minimum of 12 months. Another option is to file a mutual consent divorce, but this option is only available to couples without children who are willing to execute a written settlement agreement that resolves all issues about alimony and property division.