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Awards and Accolades. View Our Ads. Tax Benefits for NRIs. Enjoy tax benefits on your life insurance policy in India As an NRI life insurance customer, you are eligible for tax benefits on the premiums paid and money received from your life insurance policies.

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As any other Indian citizen, you also enjoy basic Income tax exemption on your Indian income. It is applicable to all the policyholders, where any of the following indicia is true: Citizenship or tax residency outside India Place of birth outside India Mailing or residence address including P. Box outside India Telephone number residence or mobile outside India Standing instruction of transfer funds to an account domiciled outside India Power of attorney or signatory authority granted to a person with address outside India A "hold mail" instruction or "in-care-of" address in a jurisdiction outside India if the reporting financial institution does not have any other address on file for the account holder.

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However, big businesses with multiple merchant account IDs can make use of certain internal tools or invoices for the identification of a subordinate unit by name when only an ID number is available. The mentioned networks get connected internally through a gateway. What your merchant identification number does is to uniquely identify you. As for the GID, this number is responsible for identifying the very network gateway from which card transactions from the merchant get routed. As you see, your merchant identification number specifies you, as a merchant.

Merchant ID Number Lookup: What Is a MID? | High Risk Merchant Accounts

However, all of the identifiers together give confirmation for each transaction facet to add to the level of security. However, a single merchant ID will do. Anyway, you can get a new MID when, e. MIDs come with their own specific rules for transaction authorization.

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This also refers to the processes when transactions are deposited and qualified. Besides, each MID also has its own base discount rate. As a rule, you can find your MID on the sticker on the side of your credit card terminal and on the top right corner of your monthly statement.

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  8. To summarize, a MID is a one-of-a-kind number that you get attached to your merchant account. Having a merchant account allows an account holder to take advantage of merchant cash advances.

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