Find a previously owned car

Look for the VIN in these other locations:

I am trying to get the VIN number from a car we previously owned. Vehicle no luck and have searched high and low in old papers can't find it. But AutoCheck has a dual purpose: you can also use it to find out what happened to every old car you've ever owned, provided that it had a. Tracing previously owned vehicles.

Tracing previously owned vehicles

There are a couple of cars I would buy back if I could find them. With Car Fax, I know you can look up a specific car and find out how What is the opposite to look up how many cars I previously owned?. Ever wondered if the favourite car you ever owned is still on the road today The new site replaces a previous service which also required the.

Honest John explains the best way to track down your old car. If you cannot find your VIN, you should post advertisements online and in the newspaper about wanting to find this vehicle. Include information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, color, engine type, and so on. Your advertisement should be in the same area where you sold the vehicle originally. Then you will have the best chance of getting the attention of the current owner. If you sold the vehicle to a specific individual, contact them to see if they still have the vehicle.

CARFAX Vehicle History Report for American Cars

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Most states have a policy that bars you from accessing information from the motor vehicles agency concerning a vehicle that you do not own.

Instead, check The Lost Car Registry website. The site provides information about when and how you can legally access information about a car you don't own.


How to Find a Car You Previously Owned

Create a simple and short advertisement. Include your old car's model, make, VIN, color, engine details, transmission and other notable features -- such as whether it has a vinyl top or spoilers. Note in the ad that you are seeking information from the current owner or anyone who might have spotted the car. Include the name of the individual you sold the car to, his state and city -- if you know it -- and the state and city you resided in when you owned the car.

Most importantly, include your contact information. Post the ad online, in magazines or in a newspaper.